The Value of a Mentor

A mentor is an experienced friend or confidant who is there to provide guidance and support in any number of ways and situations, as well as academically. Many of the world’s most successful business and world leaders credit mentors as key contributors to their success.

According to the National Mentoring Partnership (MENTOR), studies have proven the positive impact that mentoring has on students. This includes greater self-esteem and social-emotional development benefits ; all critical for making the most of academic and career goals.

In what ways can a mentor help?

Improve social skills: Make students better leaders by enabling them to relate to different kinds of people. Help them develop strong communication skills so they can handle any situation.

Boost self-esteem: A mentor is someone who is always in a student’s corner. Be a champion. Believe in a young person. Recognise and celebrate his or her successes.

Provide career exploration: Many mentors act as career counsellors, helping students to brainstorm career possibilities, define career goals and establish action plans to reach professional goals. Mentors can also be a great source of networking opportunities for students.

Support academic activities: Depending on the circumstance, you can serve as an important academic tutor during the school year.

Be a trusted friend: Some students, especially the older ones, find it difficult to talk to their parents or friends about what’s on their mind. As a mentor, You can serve as a trusted confidante, helping a student work through day-to-day struggles.